Boho Western Flare Boutique

About us

      Hey y'all, Shayla here, owner of The Mini Pearl. I started this online boutique in May 2016 with the inspiration of my little girl Brylee Ann. Started out as just a little girls boutique and now have expanded very widely! I came up with the name "The Mini Pearl" from my brother and I first rope pony "Mini Pearl". She was also our goat tying horse and really could do it all. She left a mark on our life and I thought I would carry it on. In my mind our kids are little pearls in our life so when I started out with just kids clothes it related perfectly. The Mini Pearl carries all the way from babies, toddler, kids, & Women's clothing accessories, shoes and more. A little about myself I am 28 years young and grew up in the rodeo world. I have ran barrels, roped calves/steers, & tied some nannies(goats) in my lifetime. I have a boho, western, chic, Indian style. Yes I know that's a lot all mixed together...but that's me! I design my own baby/toddler/kids clothes for you guys that no one else has. Every season new items release that I have in the works! I absolutely love dressing my little girl up in super amazing things but also don't want my customers spending a fortune. Y'all feel free to look around on the website, I upload new arrivals daily & ship daily! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook "The Mini Pearl". If you have any questions you can email me at